I understand the draw of wanting to sell your home on your own. With all things digital, things aren’t the same as they used to be—people sell their used bikes and BBQ’s online all the time, and it works out for them, right? Except, it’s not that easy. Selling a bike for a few hundred dollars might be a walk in the park, but it’s different, and more risky when you’re looking to sell one of your biggest assets in your life, such as a house.

That’s the benefit of using a realtor, we know and understand market price and will work closely with you to get what you need out of selling your home. As your realtor, I am your representative. We take care of paperwork and negotiations, and do the “leg work” that you might not have time to do. Selling a home is a full time job, with showings, open houses and staging. Why not let a professional do the work for you?

We will also ensure that your home is getting the exposure needed to sell quickly. We have access to a wide network of online and print resources, which buyers check daily in their search for a home. RE/MAX is a well-known, respected and trusted name in real estate and when you combine that with my determination and professionalism, I am sure we can make you say “I’m glad I used a realtor”!

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